Work is more than a paycheck at the end of the month. It is the chance to do what you love, to grow and to make the world a slightly better place. This has lead me on a journey from London, Geneva to Mexico, Jeddah, Moscow, Tokio, …. I will always be amazed and humbled being invited to learn about other people’s lives around the globe and continue to be grateful for this amazing opportunity.


2019- today Consumer & Market Insights Leader, Nestlé Switzerland

Moving from working with global and regional FMCG Brands to being the CI-leader in a completely new industry in a new market come as a shock. Still, passion and  competence can help overcome a lot of challenges. The lesson? Always stand your ground and be certain what you can or cannot do. Focus on your worth and communicate clearly to all involved.

2016-2018 Consumer Insights Manager P&G Regional Babycare

Changing category and going from global to regional work takes a lot of adaptation. The role keeps challenging and rarely has a week without something unexpected. Competitive launch, communication crisis, online rumors, etc… The result? A contagious appetite for life, a passion that leaves its mark on the business and the team.

2013 – 2016 Consumer Insights Manager P&G’s Global Laundry

Working with global multifunctional teams in 9 markets from Japan to Saudi Arabia on 5 initiatives, 3 product forms and 2 brands comes with a steep learning curve. This was one of the most rewarding things about the role. My takeaway? Grow on diversity. There is little as rewarding as to learn from others from different countries, colours or religions. Use business travel to talk with locals. You’d be surprised what you can learn from them.

2011 – 2013 Consumer Insights Manager P&G’s Middle Eastern Laundry

The role included a lot of travel meeting consumers across the region, learning “how they tick”, what they aspire to and how they feel about life and laundry. The most rewarding aspect was going beyond the job description and build work around your own passions. For me this meant re-designing dosage instructions across the Middle East and deep diving into our TV copies to understand why they kept failing in Morocco.

My lesson? Follow your passion. Focus on what you enjoy and you’ll get back more than if you focus on your weaknesses. If you don’t have fun, then why are you here?

2007 – 2011 Research Analyst Euromonitor International

With my own projects and freelancers to manage from day one, it was great to learn about things I had never thought about … how is the alcoholic drinks market doing in Egypt? What is the outlook for organic petfood in Germany?

My lesson is to insist and ask if you want something. The reason I was promoted to Senior Analyst was that I asked and made my point. I learned to stand up for those who deserve it, but be strict with those who don’t.

2006 Research Intern, German Embassy in London

The work was mostly ad-hoc research requests on various topics, ranging from new rules for carry-on liquids on planes to a short bio on Angela Merkel. What was great was the “non-standard” episodes … sneaking into media soirees or party conferences, calling a famous topmodel to pass on an invitation, or getting a private tour of Westminster Abbey by the dean.

The lesson learned is to never be afraid to ask and be insistent. What’s the worst that can happen? Dare to jump. When I finished my internship, I was without work or money … but I had an experience nobody could take away from me.

2006 Research Intern at the House of Commons.

I love the behind the scenes experience I got: Learn about the secret passage linking Westminster and Portcullis House, the no-VAT bars, the leaky roof and weary carpets between MP’s offices. I remember walking into the House of Commons only to discover that „my“ MP had disappeared back to his office for a nap. Leaving me in the gallery trying to figure my way back past security (I made it).

The lesson learned is to always know your stuff, learn on the go and have an answer for every question, even if it’s not the right one.

2003 Income Protection Insurance Telesales Advisor, HFC Bank

Working as Tele Sales advisor was great training for developing effective verbal communication skills, learn how to convince, build resilience and be positive. It helped to be positive, likeable and trustworthy. There has been more than one time where I had to move on to the next call after a difficult one and still remain upbeat.

The lesson learned is to work hard for the right rewards. Rephrase your value equation to get what you want.What you’re selling might just be “the cost of a Mars-bar a day”.

2001 – 2006 Bartender Across Pubs in Birmingham.

The friendship behind the bar has been a great experience, especially at 2am on a Saturday. Working in a bar has been great to meet all kinds of different people. Working as barman means you have be able to remain calm under pressure. Being besieged by a horde of teens screaming for drinks and stay calm is a challenge.

The lesson is to remember the people around you are human. Be nice, look them in the eyes and remember to smile and leave a tip … what goes around comes around.

What others say about me:

“a real innovator with a clear vision, never afraid of trying alternative routes to established routines”

“an undisputed consumer expert …, well-versed in cutting edge new technologies, utilizing virtual capabilities to run consumer research in an efficient (fast, cost-effective)manner.”

“a competent influencer, representing consumer voice across functions and levels of the Brand Organization.”

“very strong analytical skills, ability to diagnose business issues studying complex data”

“very hard working, has attention to detail and is very collaborative as a key business team member.”

“… a great client to work with!”